Patrick, Ima Mary and Hank in the Bishop Mule Days Parade

Natural Horsemanship,
Good Horsemanship ~ whatever name is given,
Ima Mary also believes it is timeless

Horses' instincts haven't really changed...whether domesticated or wild, eons past or today.

TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP isn't about techniques or methods.

TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP embraces a philosophy of considering the horse's point of view...always asking the horse how he feels about our interaction with him.

TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP is about a willingness to look in the mirror...recognizing that the horse generally has no problems...until the human enters the picture.
TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP is about the potential that is available in the horse/human relationship.

TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP believes this potential will be realized when the human takes the learn, to gain experience, to go from do to your horse to be with your horse.

Ima Mary,  Brownie and Hank

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