Who Is Ima Mary Dennis?

Ima Mary Dennis, owner and developer of TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP, is a fourth generation horse trainer with many years' experience as student of horses as well as an educator.

Looking at everything from the horse's point of view is not new to Ima Mary...she is grateful to her parents for inculcating that concept into her from a very early age. Also, much credit and appreciation goes to such 'modern-day' horsemen as Tom Dorrance, Bill Dorrance, Harry Whitney, and Mark Rashid for passing it along to others and encouraging the continued refining of this philosophy.

In time, Ima Mary began to realize that fixing the horse wasn't the answer...after all, the horse isn't the one broken in the first place!! There is a tremendous need for humans to be educated in horse 'psychology' and also to find ways to clear and then heal the issues regarding their relationship with horses.

"I knew there were people out there who wanted to help their horses and who also had the courage to look at the part they might be playing in the situation."

In 1994, Ima Mary and her husband Patrick developed TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP.

At their facility, Ima Mary combines her life long experience with horses and the over 1200 hours of continuing education in variety of methodologies to facilitate owners/riders in becoming mentally confident, emotionally secure and physically adept...and most importantly...helping them to experience the gifts of joy and sheer exhilaration our horses offer us!

In addition to teaching and training, Ima Mary has been a guest speaker during the winter lecture series at Helen Woodward Equine Clinic in Rancho Santa Fe, writes articles for various magazines and hosted a radio talk program called Horse Sense.

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