Check List


  1. What counter-productive emotion comes up most often inside you?
  2. What actions of yours reflect that emotion?
  3. Your horse is a reflection of you - knowingly or unknowingly, you WILL create his behavior. Given that, then...
  4. What is his reaction to your counter-productive emotions?
  5. Check your ATTITUDE first, then change your approach to effect a change in his behavior.
  6. Watch your words, they are powerful. The subconscious part of our brain hears them and then will do what it needs to do to be in harmony with what it believes to be your truth.
    Exercise: say out loud these two statements: "I don't know what is wrong with this horse" "I don't know what is troubling this horse". Did you notice a change in your voice inflection when you said them?
  7. Where does your body need to be to influence any given area of his body? Applies to ground work or riding.
  8. Where is his mind? The feet will be trying to get to where his mind already is.
  9. What is the rein position to move any given foot?
  10. Principles involved in teaching your horse just about anything!!

  1. Is he thinking about it? Then continue waiting. Too long - figure out how to make it clearer for him.
  2. Is he zoning out? Then without releasing the pressure, do something to make it uncomfortable for him to just stay with what he's doing.

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