Educational Opportunities


~ Have you lost trust - in yourself or your horse?

~ Do you wish your body would do easily what your mind pictures?

What's the Solution?

TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP offers a whole-istic approach to equestrian life, accessing the inherent abilities and talents of both horse and rider. Our purpose is to educate and assist the rider in understanding the horse's point of view.

TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP'S aim is to provide an environment that facilitates learning. One in which the rider functions from a new state of awareness and the horse lives in a more relaxed state of mind.

TIMELESS HORSEMANSHIP promotes training that keeps the horse's perspective in the forefront and we incorporate a variety of modalities to facilitate the learning of both horse and rider.

Patrick, Waggoner, and Ima Mary - Trail Clinic

If they would all stand this still - Cow Clinic

Arabella practicing bridleless

Patrick and Tobo - Water Clinic

Laurie and Steve Hamilton and Ima Mary - Trail Clinic

Judy, Miss Goldie, Bethanne, Ima Mary and Hank
More Clinic Photos


The camps are an intensive educational opportunity with much one-on-one time...only 3 students accepted. An environment is created that lends itself to accelerated and optimum learning and just plain having fun!!


All are tailored to your individual requirements and desires. For cost and details, please call (909) 763-5533 or


Video lessons are remarkable tools for advancement. A second pair of eyes are always beneficial... we all need someone to help us assess our riding strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you would like to see you horse softer and more responsive on the ground. Clinics are too often unavailable in your area or just plain unaffordable.

Fortunately, there is another option.

What Is A Video Lesson?

Video lessons offer individual help for you and your horse. Just send a videotape of you and your horse, and get back an analysis via cassette recording, e-mail, or even snail mail. I can comment on what I observes or if you have a particular issue, that, too, can be addressed.

What Is To Be Included?

In writing, or on the videotape, tell about your horse (age, experience, physical issues, attitude, how long you have had your horse, feed given, how stabled/turnout). Tell about yourself (age, experience, physical issues, attitude, current level of riding, average weekly time spent riding, goals, concerns, interests, what comes easily, what is difficult for you, what you believe your relationship to be with your horse). Feel free to ask any questions pertaining to you and your horse.

How to Videotape Your First Lesson

The first lesson, have someone videotape you as you catch and halter your horse, lead him, brush and tack up, warm up, and ride as you usually do. PLEASE, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING about your routine just because there's a camera. Please wear something reasonably form-fitting so I will be able to evaluate your riding posture, etc. All this applies to groundwork tapes, as well.

Videotaping Future Lessons

In subsequent lessons, you will be asked to perform certain exercises on your video. I will be able to see how you have worked on your exercises, what's working, what isn't working, what new problems have come up (if any), and what new exercises should be introduced once you've mastered the previous ones.

What Can I Expect From A Video Lesson?

Assistance in developing your ability to read and understand your horse. Exercises to develop an independent seat and hands, exercises to help develop a softness in your horse and in you. Discussion on saddle fit, nutrition, goals, psychology of the horse, addressing learning 'bumps'. The list is endless as to what can be accomplished.

How Do I Get A Video Lesson?

Send a 30-60 minute VHS videotape (make another copy for yourself if you can - - it's less expensive than paying postage both directions on one tape). If you would like your tape returned, please send a self-addressed, stamped mailer with your video and check.

Say whether you would prefer your analysis by snail-mail or e-mail or cassette tape.

Send a check for $55 USD made out to Ima Mary Dennis, and send videotape, check, information, return address and/or e-mail address to:

Ima Mary Dennis
60650 Yucca Valley Rd
Anza, Ca. 92539 USA

Please call or e-mail...if you have any questions about the Video Coaching or any of the Educational Opportunities offered.

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