Do I Have His Heart Or Just His Body?

The exercise or movement can be the same. What we really want to know is the attitude, the mental and emotional state of the horse when he does it.

Think of walking in a busy mall...a group of people walking towards you, talking loudly, ignoring all in their path. Would you get out of the way...probably...would you have a 'willingness' when you got out of their way...probably not!!

That can be a yield...a moving away from pressure. It is mostly physical.

Continuing on with this...You see a person on crutches or a small child...someone has to move understand the situation and so choose to move over for them...

There was still 'pressure', but you chose and were in a willing state...that's more like a 'give'. The heart/mind is getting involved

Now...turning loose. This brings the physical and mental together with the most important component...the heart of the horse. This is when the total understanding of what is being asked is combined with the strongest sense of "I want to, in fact, I am willing to give you more than what you asked for."

That is the horse's gift to us...its a gift because we cannot 'make' or 'force' is that unity for which we all strive.

I have received that gift a few times from my critters, and it moved me to tears!!! There is no feeling like it! (except for walking down the aisle on your wedding day, sex, and seeing your child born...I'm guessing about the last one ) c:)

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