Muscle Testing Horses

Equine Empathology is a form of kinesiology that is tailored, in this case, specifically for horses. Kinesiologists use muscle testing to discover energy imbalances. These energy imbalances create a host of physical and/or emotional symptoms in a horse. Equine Empathology utilizes applied kinesiology techniques in accessing a horse's brain and body for innate answers. This enables the practitioner to determine the cause of a problem and the most effective way to correct it.

The route could be structural corrections, a chang4 in diet, or added nutrition such as homeopathy, herbs, or vitamins. Allergies can be identified and corrected, or perhaps there is a blockage in the meridian system that needs to be opened up. Emotional corrections may be in order. Just as humans are affected by emotions causing illness and disease, so are animals. Traumas are remembered and each horse has its own unique way of responding. Techniques are used to relieve the stress created by the trauma.

How does it work? Vibration is a fundamental part of nature. Light is vibration. Music is vibration. Every cell in our body has a vibration. Everything in the universe resonates in its own way. This vibration is what the kinesiologist measures when determining the integrity of a muscle. When a muscle has integrity, it will hold up under pressure. When the vibration is off for some reason, the integrity will diminish.

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., PhD., world renowned Iridologist and Nutritionist, "Each organ and tissue typed has its characteristic vibration which is sensed by every other cell and organ in the body. When all is well, these vibrations harmonize. When an organ malfunctions, a jarring note enters to throw the body harmony off balance."

"According to Quantum Theory and Einstein's formula E=mc2, the subatomic particles of matter consist of electromagnetic vibrations. Our world is made of vibrations. The chemical elements, our food and our bodies all consist of complex interactions of electromagnetic vibrations." This thought should begin to help us grasp the concept of harmony on the cellular level.

By using natural methods, we can restore harmony. Kinesiology can help take the guessing out of healing. The lacking nutrient and dosage needed can be pinpointed. The specific meridian that needs attention, the organ that is deficient, the emotion that needs to be dealt with, and the allergy to a specific substance can be determined.

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