Pure Bull Ranch

Nestled in a small valley in the San Jacinto mountain range is Pure Bull Ranch...the physical home of Timeless Horsemanship.

Curious about the name, a checker at Costco actually asked if it was a fertilizer company!!!

Appearing in 'The Californian' newspaper, the article below tells the story of how the ranch got its name.

Besides being a fine craftsman, Patrick also is a horseman in his own right and supports Ima Mary and the philosophy of Timeless Horsemanship.

Just 'Pure Bull'

From The Californian Newspaper
~By Pat Storey

When you mention to Pat Dennis that he's a craftsman, and artist, his eyes kind of glaze over and he stares off into space as if pondering how he could possibly fit that description. He is truly puzzled, if not a little embarrassed.

When you refer to the old red barn, where Dennis creates the unique wooden bulls he is becoming known for, as his studio, he breaks into a grin as if he is sharing a terrific joke with you. But, worried that you might get the wrong idea, he just can't help but correct you.

"It's a barn," he laughs, "I park my cars in here when I'm not working."

Words like studio and craftsman obviously make Patrick Dennis squirm. This is truly a self-effacing man. Although he takes his woodworking seriously, Dennis does not yet see himself as anything but a "do-it-yourselfer."

Last week, Dennis' "do-it-yourself" project was a featured display at a party given by the Palm Springs Western Art Museum.

The Rocking Bull is 170 pounds of sculpted, sanded wood, set on solid maple rockers and strong enough for any adult to play on, yet crafted with enough love and detail to render it art.

Made of over 110 board-feet of pine and maple, each custom-made bull takes around 50 hours to complete. The bull is hand-sanded several times and stained according to each customer's preference, from black laquer to desert tones to natural wood.

When completed, each bull is fitted with brass tips on the horns, a brass plaque signifying the new owner's name, and, of course, a brass ring through the nose. If desired, Dennis will even carve a customer's personal brand on the bull's hip.

Patrick Dennis grew up in California and Washington state where he worked on his uncle's dairy farm. His love of the outdoors kept him in constant touch with natural elements and helped to formulate his interest in carpentry and landscaping.

Dennis doesn't remember exactly when he began working with wood. His craft just seemed to grow naturally out of his total aversion to hiring anyone to do something he felt he could do just as well himself.

"My father was the same way," said Dennis. "I grew up around machinery. One day my dad was framing a house and the next day he was working as a chemist for McDonnell-Douglas."

Dennis says his father's wide range of interests inspired his own love and affinity for working with his hands.

About a year ago, Dennis' sister-in-law talked him into doing something more artistic and whimsical than the carpentry he normally relied on to make a living.

Dennis set about designing the template for the Rocking Bull. Since he introduced his original design, Dennis has sold the bull to business executives who like having it next to thier desks as a conversation piece and to grandparents who like to indulge their grandchildren.

He has also had requests to modify the design of the bull so that it can be used as a saddle rack and even as bar stools.

"People have even come to me asking me to design wooden rhinoceros and giraffes," said Dennis. For now, he and his wife, Ima Mary, are concentrating their efforts on marketing the bull to retail stores and mail order catalogues.

At around $1,000 a piece, these bulls are not for everyone. But for those who can afford to collect such hand-made craftsmanship, Patrick's studio in Anza is open to those who'd like to stop in and "shoot the bull."

The company is called, "Pure Bull,"
and they can be reached at (909)763-5533.

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